Professional Surveillance Operator

STOAS offers a “combined skills” Professional Surveillance Operator Course which is endorsed by the Private Investigator’s Association of British Columbia (PIABC). The course is conducted over 5 days (40 hours) and dedicated to single and team surveillance operative techniques including:

  • Surveillance operations planning
  • Foot surveillance principles & phases
  • Mobile surveillance principles & phases
  • Covert vehicle, urban and rural observation hides
  • Use of covert communications equipment
  • Covert video applications
  • Use of day & night optics
  • Surveillance note taking & report/log writing



Individuals wanting to become BC Licensed Private Investigators must first complete the BC Government mandated Introduction to Private Investigation correspondence course offered by the Private Security Training Network, an initiative of the Canadian Police Knowledge Network.

See for details.

Please contact us for course dates.

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