Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements to attend a STOAS Course:

  1. Unless you are an employee of a Federal, Municipal Government Department or serving member of the Military or Police Force, hold Peace Officer Status, or hold a valid Security Business or Worker License – Completion of a Criminal Record Check is required (showing no convictions for any violent criminal or B&E offenses, and no outstanding criminal charges). A Criminal Record Check can be conducted by your local police department.
  2. Provide two (2) valid photographic forms of identity (Driver’s License + one other).
  3. Proficient in English language/comprehension.
  4. Good standard of vision.
  5. An interview maybe required in order to determine suitability.
  6. Attendance of a STOAS Course maybe a pre-requisite for another – see Courses.
  7. Must be age 19 or older.