The 2 Day Digiscoping Course covers the use and deployment of long range optics (spotting scopes used in conjunction with photographic/video equipment to gather information/intelligence/monitor/record target activity from a distance of up to 1-2km.  Digiscoping has some distinct advantages over conventional long range photography (weight and cost of equipment/operational range) and dependent on the equipment utilized and prevailing atmospheric conditions, it is possible to obtain much greater film equivalence (3500 – 6000mm). Digiscoping can be employed in a variety of surveillance roles:

  • Rural Surveillance, when close-in coverage is not an option or the target is offshore
  • Urban Surveillance, when close-in evidential coverage is paramount
  • Over Watch, when used in sniper/counter sniper or operational security role


STOAS utilize top brand spotting scopes and compatible digital still/video cameras. Day 1 covers the equipment characteristics, setup and use in the urban role.  Day 2 covers setup and use in the rural role.

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Digiscoping Photo

Digiscoping Setup

Digiscoping Setup Photo