STOAS courses are conveyed in a methodical, yet relaxed and informal manner, with a focus on developing potential ability, into a useable, physical tradecraft; a skill-set that will enable him/her to work as a lone operator or member of a professional surveillance team. Emphasis is directed towards the practical application of surveillance tradecraft in a reality based training environment. Unlike other courses, STOAS dedicate only 20% of instruction to the classroom environment.

STOAS Courses can accommodate experienced surveillance operatives/teams; providing them with unconventional challenges in high threat/risk of compromise training environments. Exercise scenarios can be designed to identify the pitfalls of standard operational practices (SOP’s) employed, given a particular situation or environment. Post exercise de-briefings involving input from “all players” provides valuable feedback to participating team members, team leaders & operations planners. STOAS believes that mistakes “learned” while training is preferable to a real high-threat, operational situation where a single compromise could mean the difference in outcome of a much larger investigation/operation.

STOAS Courses are subject to pre-requisite courses — please contact us for further information.

Courses Duration Maximum Candidates Cost PP
Advanced Surveillance 3 Days 6 $900
Anti & Counter Surveillance 3 Days 5 $900
Close & Long Range Target Reconnaissance 3 Days 6 $900
Covert Communications 1 Day 4 $300
Covert Observation Vehicles 3 Days 4 $900
Covert Photography & Video 3 Days 4 $900
Digiscoping 2 Days 6 $600
Foot Surveillance 3 Days 4 $900
Mobile Surveillance 3 Days 6 $900
Professional Surveillance Operator 5 Days 2 $1500
Protective Surveillance 3 Days 6 $900
Static Rural Observation Posts 3 Days 6 $900
Static Urban Observation Posts 3 Days 6 $900
Surveillance Awareness 1 Day 6+ $300
Surveillance Operator Aptitude 2 Days 4 $600
Surveillance Operations Planning 3 Days 6 $900

All courses are $300.00 Canadian per day per person; with a 10% discount if more than one course is booked. Non-refundable 50% at time of booking and remainder required two days prior to the course date.