STOAS Consulting Ltd  is a company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada and is able to provide services on a national and international basis (restrictions apply). STOAS draws on the experience of professionally trained and experienced  covert surveillance operatives, who have conducted operations against  high profile targets at the Tier 1 Level. STOAS can facilitate custom-designed training for  varying  experience levels ( non-experienced  individuals, to  experienced surveillance teams). STOAS provides an intense five (5) day (40 hours+) Professional Surveillance Operator Course that covers the following subject-matter categories:

  • Surveillance Operator Aptitude
  • Foot Surveillance
  • Covert Photography & Video
  • Covert Observation Vehicles
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Close & Long Range Target
  • Reconnaissance
  • Static Urban Observation Posts
  • Static Rural Observation Posts
  • Anti & Counter Surveillance
  • Surveillance Operations Planning
  • Protective Surveillance
  • Advanced Surveillance
  • Professional Surveillance Operator
  • Digiscoping
  • Covert Communications
  • Surveillance Awareness Course

For more information about our courses, visit our Courses Page.