STOAS Protective Security Operations

STOAS specializes in implementing unconventional security plans, strategies and tactics in order to safeguard people, property and assets. We adopt a very discreet low profile footprint utilizing protective surveillance techniques, or operate in high profile manner, or, blend both styles of protection methods – dependent on the client’s needs. STOAS Operators have safeguarded high networth individuals/families, religious leaders/groups, government officials and international sports teams. STOAS provides former military, law enforcement and experienced close protection trained security professionals that have operated world-wide in a variety of permissive/non-environments.

STOAS Covert Operations Training

STOAS provides covert operations training – including surveillance tradecraft – physical surveillance techniques, including foot and mobile surveillance methods, anti and counter surveillance; the use if covert radio communications and body-worn covert video equipment; the use of covert vehicle hides; urban and rural hides, as well as associated special operations fieldcraft.

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